Many developers working on AWS use dynamodb to store data. When developers initially start to work with dynamodb, more often they use traditional RDBMS data models and access patterns with dynamodb. There’s no harm in using RDBMS like data modeling in dynamo but this will not make full use of dynamodb capabilities and in turn, ends up with costly DB operations and more response times.

Consider the following example, where we need to fetch orders of a particular user from the database. …

In this piece, I will guide you to build, run and debug AWS Lambda function locally using AWS SAM CLI

  1. Install AWS SAM CLI

You will need AWS SAM CLI installed on your machine in order to build, run, and deploy AWS Lambda functions.

Please follow this link to Install SAM CLI on your machine.

How to use AWS SAM to create and deploy AWS resources is out of the scope of this document. Please refer AWS SAM documentation to learn more about it.

2. Create a project directory and add the AWS SAM template.yaml specification

Folder structure

I have two lambda…

In this piece, I will be covering how to use an Azure Function as an endpoint for Amazon Alexa.

  1. Create an Azure function

Creating an Azure function is out of the scope of this document. Please visit this link to learn How To Develop Azure Functions by using Visual Studio Code.

Copy the function URL after the successful deployment of Azure function from VSCode.

2. Add Alexa skill Endpoint

Go to the Build tab of your skill dashboard in Alexa Developer Console. Select the Endpoint option from the left side menu.

Select the HTTPS option on the right pane.


Altaf Shaikh

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